Welcome to our Blog!

We started this blog to keep friends and family updated during our adoption process. We will post adoption news, fundraiser reminders, and tidbits of our life while we endure the long wait. We hope you enjoy following our journey to our daughter in Vietnam.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Officially Waiting

We can finally say that we are on the waiting list. We just heard this past week that we have been placed on the official Dillon waiting list. We know that we have a long wait ahead of us, but it sure feels good to say that we are now officially waiting on a referral. We just hope and pray that the referral times don't increase, but we are prepared that things can change at anytime. We have been discussing names for our little girl and the only thing we agree on is that it is probably a good thing that we have the long wait ahead of us because it will take us that long to agree on a name!! Zion thinks he has the problem solved and has been talking about his sister "Baby Sally" for a while now. (He is a huge Cars fan, and the girl car is named Sally..ha!) It may take the entire time we are waiting on a referral to change his mind..he is a pretty determined little guy.

Saturday, June 2, 2007


We have officially decided to join the "blog" world. Actually I have decided to start this blog and although Robert thinks it is a good idea, I'm sure I will be the only one posting anything to it. I really enjoy reading other blogs and thought it would be an easy way to keep family, friends, and others in the adoption process informed about what is happening with our adoption. Things will probably be pretty boring for a while since we are still so early in the process. Hopefully I won't bore everyone too much with our day to day activities in our little world. The good thing about blogs...if you are bored or don't like reading...just log off. We also thought this would be a good way to record thoughts for our future daughter. Someday she can read and it will help show her how much we we wanted her and loved her even before joined our family. So we welcome any comments, as they too will become part of her story.

A little about us for those that don't know us. I am an elementary school teacher and Robert is in sales. We have been married for 17 years. The Lord has blessed us with each other and our two wonderful sons. Parker is 12 and will be going into the 7th grade. Zion is 4 and will be starting preschool this fall at the school where I teach. We adopted Zion from South Korea in September 2003 at 4 months old. We can't imagine our lives without our children. They are true gifts from God. We can't wait to add a little girl to our family!

We started this adoption process in December 2006. We have completed the long, time-consuming paperwork (Pre-application, Application Part 2, Homestudy, Dossier). It has taken us over 5 months to do this and we are still not officially waiting. Our dossier has been sent to the consulate. When they are finished with it, we will officially be on the waiting list. Right now the wait for a little girl is 6 - 9 months for a referral and then 3 - 6 months before we can travel to get her. Of course, all of that can change at any time. We are probably looking at another 12-15 month wait. Sounds like a long time, but from our past adoption experience (more on that in another post) we know that no matter what happens the timing for her to join our family will be perfect! One thing we realize is that we should turn everything over to God. Sometimes easier said than done. The scripture at the top of our blog has become my source of strength over the past 5 years. I decided to put it there so every time I make a post I will see it and be reminded of who is in control. Hopefully, it will keep me from whining too much during this process..ha!

Here is a picture of our boys. It's not the most recent picture, but it is one of my favorites. To see more pictures of our family click on the link "Our Photo Site" on the side. We have posted our pictures there since April of 2004.