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We started this blog to keep friends and family updated during our adoption process. We will post adoption news, fundraiser reminders, and tidbits of our life while we endure the long wait. We hope you enjoy following our journey to our daughter in Vietnam.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Are We Crazy????

Sometimes we feel that some people think we are absolutely crazy! Are we? Well maybe so! I guess it just depends on how you look at it. Why would people think we are crazy? Because of the fact that we are building a house and going through the adoption process at the same time. Both are very time consuming and costly. There is actually a good reason behind all the madness. At one point after Zion came home, we thought our family was complete. We were living in a tiny house that was really too small for a family of four. We had lived in that house for almost 16 years. We had refinanced the house a few years earlier to pay for our Guatemalan adoption and for Zion's adoption. Our house payment was double what it was when we bought the house. We sat down and weighed our options. After much discussion, we decided that we could build a house twice the size of what we were living in for not much more of a monthly payment, because of the earlier refinancing. We put our house on the market, sold it, and moved into our present rent house; still thinking that our family was complete. Over the next several months, we couldn't get the thought of adopting again out of our minds (mostly my mind, but it didn't take too much convincing for Robert to get on board). We both felt like it was what we were meant to do, so we started the process again. We redone our house plan, cut some major corners, and are doing a lot of the work ourselves to save money. Thank goodness for my dad and Robert's dad. With the use of dad's equipment (backhoe, dozer, etc.) we were able to do all the dirtwork without it costing us anything. Robert's dad has built numerous houses and his experience has helped in many ways. They both have spent many days (and nights) working on the house. We wouldn't be able to do it without them!! It is taking us longer than previously planned, but we are hoping to move in before Christmas. We can honestly say that this house will have our blood, sweat, and tears in it!!! So as crazy as it sounds....it is going to work. We will have a house large enough for a family of five and it not cost us much more per month than our tiny little cracker box that we were living in. We are still fundraising like crazy to come up with as much of the adoption expense as we can. Therefore...our lives ARE crazy even if we are not. That should explain, why I don't have more time to post to this blog!!! I can't wait to have a normal life again.....well as normal as life can be with 2, soon to be 3 children!